Coeur is a brainchild of Ankita Khurana to bring about a contemporary change in the way we dress for occasions. While launching this brand she also made a relentless effort to revive the trend of comfort yet graceful clothing in our everyday life. While running amidst the fashion trends that keep on changing every day, we wanted to craft a label- an identity that would make a permanent and timeless place in your wardrobe. No matter how far we run in the race of changing fashion, don’t we always come back to our classic pieces? 

Coeur is our earnest attempt to introduce weightless silhouettes into the wardrobe of every woman. We assure you artistic pieces of garments that would make a nook corner within your hearts and wardrobes. At the core, Coeur is a brand that brings out-of-the-box contemporary fashion ideas while playing with pure fabrics. 

What defines us best is our artistic creativity which sees a seamless transition from an idea into reality. Each garment on the rack has a story that yearns to be heard. Coeur attempts to make you feel your most comfortable self while looking effortlessly minimal. It’s the spirit of liveliness pumped into each garment that we are certain of the brand outliving us.